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An aesthetically designed asphalt in itself lends an elegance that may be indicative of what is to come further ahead.  The design of the asphalt driveway will trumpet your taste and style.

Whether you speak to your friend or to the contractor to get their opinions, there are many questions to ask when having an asphalt driveway installed at your home and the following are some of these.

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Is being timid going to work?…Most likely not.

Well, this is more like a general question you have to settle with even before putting questions to the contractor.  Do not be timid to the contractor.  Make him realize who he was dealing with.

Ask question after question until you find your stock of questions is all exhausted.  In our experience, not many contractors come out with voluntary information.  Price them out of them.  After all, you are not thinking of changing your asphalt on a weekly basis, are you? Ask him following questions and get the answers.


Will you give a bill for an additional cost?

The term “hidden cost” is almost a part of the vocation of driveway pavers.  You and your wife would be resting contentedly thinking you have worked out all possible costs and, there will come the contractor with a bill that will shock you more than surprise you.  There is always a possibility that there will be some changes in the last minute that may require some rework; the condition of the soil may not be very conducive for the asphalt to be laid.

However, these expenditures should never remain untold to you as they occur.  If you are made aware of the changes in the bill amount then and there, you will be ready with the payment.

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What Kind of Sub-base will be suitable?

A driveway’s durability, as well as its looks, are the most important things you must decide on.  If you want to skimp on something, this is not the place to do it! Leave it to the contractor to decide on base depth and type.

Not that you should agree with him completely with no question asked.  You might consider asking for a second opinion.  We recommended the base to be 4” deep or more.  A vibratory roller is what you want for compacting.


Will you make a Mess of the Yard or the landscaping?

Yes, ask him that bluntly.  After all, only you – and maybe your wife – knows what went into making the yard and the landscaping look the way they do.  You would do well to remove and shift the plants or shrubs beforehand giving no chance for the contractor go marauding.

You should seriously consider getting a written guarantee from the contractor that his work will not have anything to do with the yard and things thereof like sprinkler heads.  If you really love your flowers, do the paving during the season when no flowers bloom or at least the blooming act is rare and far between.


What Does Better Business Bureau have to say about your business?

The BBB knows all about the contractors registered with them and will be able to tell you if there are any outstanding issues against your contractor in its books.  Look for an “A” rating and no or nearly no complaints.


Is the contractor able to provide you with details on his past work at a location close to you?

Unless the contractor refers to a driveway he had built at a remote house in the Australian outback, you had better hop on your car and go see for yourself the kind of work the contractor has accomplished.

If the information is not forthcoming without some dilly-dallying, you might consider looking for another contractor.


So, ask these questions and more of them if you can think of them and start driving your car through your driveway that is your neighbor’s envy.

We hope this article has helped you with questions you may have for your contractor.  If you already have an asphalt driveway in the Houston area, be sure to contact our sponsor for all maintenance and questions you may have.  Visit Houston Sealcoat today.

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