garage floor

Garage Floor Coating – 5 Benefits Of Staining Your Garage Floor

The garage floor is one of the most difficult areas to clean in the house.  Garage floors are often stained with oil spillages grease fuels and other fluids used in vehicles.  Cleaning the floor becomes much easier ones you coat the floor.  Additionally, there are many different garage floor coating selections on the market today that will give your garage a new and presentable look.   If you want to see something really spectacular, you should view the metallic epoxy garage floor.



Pressure Washing Tips

Properly Pressure Wash Your Sidewalks

Your sidewalks and entryway are like your face,  they invite people to your home and actually give them an idea of which type of a person you are.  It is thus important to show people the best of you.  This is done by ensuring you properly and thoroughly clean your sidewalk and entryway to ensure it is sparkling clean and is a true reflection of the positive you.  We asked Zach from Hot Shot Pressure Washing, as professional Commercial Pressure Washing Houston to give us some pro tips on how to pressure wash your side walk and entryway which leaves desirable results.