Properly Pressure Wash Your Sidewalks

Your sidewalks and entryway are like your face,  they invite people to your home and actually give them an idea of which type of a person you are.  It is thus important to show people the best of you.  This is done by ensuring you properly and thoroughly clean your sidewalk and entryway to ensure it is sparkling clean and is a true reflection of the positive you.  We asked Zach from Hot Shot Pressure Washing, as professional Commercial Pressure Washing Houston to give us some pro tips on how to pressure wash your side walk and entryway which leaves desirable results.


Some of these tips include:

Ensure You Have All The Cleaning Materials
You definitely do not want to be running all over the place because there is something you forgot to bring to your cleaning area.  This may make you not clean effectively.  Be sure to have gloves that are in good condition for your hands,  prevent debris from entering your eyes by having eye protectors,  have the washing detergent that is effective,  a properly functioning pressure washer,  a small water container and a hard cleaning broom as well.

Clear Debris Prior To Cleaning
homeThe sidewalk and entry way may be having stones that are carelessly thrown,  children toys as well as other dust particles.  Remove them so as to create a way for you to properly clean this area.  This may also include twigs,  leaves, and flowers from the vegetation planted on the sidewalk.  You can use the broom to sweep them and dispose of the dirt and properly keep the important ones.
It is also important to cover vegetation and flowers that may be destroyed by the water under high pressure from the nozzle as you clean.

Apply Cleaning Solution
You can do this by pouring a small amount of water in a container,  add detergent to it and spray on the area you want to clean or pouring a small amount of water and spraying the detergent on it to be effective.  Leave the detergent for some time and let it weaken the dirt within the area to be cleaned.  Do not wait until it dries up.  Ensure the detergent used has a reputation to be effective in dirt removal.
The choice of the detergent you use should be dependent on the type of dirt you have to clean.  Stain from car oils and grease will need a stronger detergent than stains from the juice.

Wash The Area In Sections
Subdivide your sidewalk and entryway into small sections and thoroughly clean one section before you move to the other sections.  This is because when you wash the area as a whole,  you may end up ignoring and leaving some dirt as you move.  Do not be in a hurry.  Take your time and do a good job.
Ensure your pressure washer has a working nozzle that sprays the water at a pressure that is enough to remove the dirt within the area you are cleaning.

Allow For Dry Time
Do not use your walkway and sidewalk while still wet.  Let it dry up after your pressure washing.  This will leave it looking clean and inviting to the guests coming to your home.  This is a good confidence booster and leaves a lasting positive impression in the minds of your guests.


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