The garage floor is one of the most difficult areas to clean in the house.  Garage floors are often stained with oil spillages grease fuels and other fluids used in vehicles.  Cleaning the floor becomes much easier ones you coat the floor.  Additionally, there are many different garage floor coating selections on the market today that will give your garage a new and presentable look.   If you want to see something really spectacular, you should view the metallic epoxy garage floor.


5 Benefits Of Staining Your Garage Floor

Increases Durability of the floor

The garage floor gets a lot of rough treatment from falling spanners, abrasion caused by heavy objects like the toolbox, car reams and tires and so on.  Motor oils fuels and cleaners also spill on floors leaving stains which are difficult to clean.  Coating your floor will protect it from this abuse and as a result, it will become more durable.


It gives the floor a nice look

Many garage floors due to the nature of activities that take there are usually dirty and stained.  Staining your garage floor will cover up the ugly stains and give your garage a shiny appealing look.  The best floor coating is the one which besides giving the garage a perfect look will also be able to withstand what is called the hot tire pickup.  Car tires get hot due to friction with the road when the car is in motion and contract once they cool down and can cause your floor coating to delaminate.



Concrete gets cracks which are caused by moister, chemical reactions with fuels and oils and even spiders.  Floor coatings are perfect in covering this flaws and cracks especially when you use the thicker good quality floor is advisable to use the services of a professional who will apply the coat properly for best results.  Also, ensure you prepare the floor properly but cleaning it thoroughly before application of the coating so that the floor and the coating will form a strong bond.


Increases your houses’ market value

floorIf you get to a point where you want to sell your house, you will be thankful you coated your garage floor.  Buyers look at everything before they decide to buy a house which is placed on sale.  Not only will your house have a higher chance of being bought but it will have a higher market value.  Compared to houses with dull, stained gray concrete garage floors a coated floor makes the house exude elegance and class.


Easy to clean

A coated floor becomes very easy to clean.  Dust, debris road salts, and ice brims can gather in the garage as feet and car tires carry them there.  Since coatings are generally made to resist moisture it becomes really easy to clean the floors.  During the summer, a soft broom and a dustpan will do the trick.  During winter and the wet season, it might become a bit muddy but nothing to worry about because with a coated floor washing off the muddy trail left by the tire tracks is equally easy.  Since the coats are stain resistant, cleaning spillage becomes also becomes easy.  All you will need is a wet cloth and water.  This is possible because the coating covers the concrete completely and unlike concrete it is impervious.

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